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It's time to hack on maps!

Welcome to Maptime.

Maptime SF is a weekly map hack night hosted at Stamen Design. We meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm to work on maps, learn about geospatial data, and teach each other the latest cartographic tools.

No really, what is maptime?

Maptime is inspired by the various themed hack nights that frequently happen at hackerspaces such as Noisebridge. Often these hack nights will have a specific project or lesson to work on each night, but attendees don't have to follow along if they don't want to. But Maptime is also inspired by knitting circles: you can bring your own projects to work on, or just hang out and socialize or ask questions of our map experts.

What's here?

This page (and the maptime github repository and wiki) will host tutorials, project plans, digital map tool kit etc. There's not much here yet.

What else is there?

The Maptime group in San Francisco has a blog at where we post updates about what happened at each meeting. We also have a Meetup group where you can RSVP for upcoming meetings and see what topics are scheduled. You can also follow us on Twitter for meeting updates and other fun map links.

But there are also Maptime groups in a growing number of other cities! Check out the list of local maptime groups to find a maptime near you. No maptime in your town? Why don't you start one?

Authors and Contributors

The stub of this page was created by Alan McConchie (@almccon) but anyone can edit it or suggest improvement! Maptime is a collaborative endeavor that depends on everyone's contribution!